The Simple Things at Simple Life 9/1/2017

by Simple Life on September 1, 2017

in Women's Fall Fashion Boutique Seattle

Hello Fellow Fall Fashionistas! Happy Long Labor Day Weekend! Get out there and have some fun while the weather holds. This week we have new offerings from Yushi, a new line of Tees and accessories from Embellish and some fabulous Bags from Baggillini to highlight! Let’s begin:

Not your everyday Tee: The vibrant Embellish cotton A-Line Poppy Tee in Reddish Orange, $38. (Pewter Chain with Stones, $54.)

And below, the A-Line Poppy Tee in Grey, $38. Shown with the Embellish Rooster and Hen Necklace, $24, along with the Don’t Fence Me In Necklace, $28.

Closer look at the Embellish Rooster, $24 and Hen Necklace and the Dont Fence Me In, $28

Embellish Stone Washed Cotton Scarf in Coral, left, and the Cotton Dhoti in Pink/Orange, both $28.

It’s all you need: The Embellish, The Love Canvas Tote, $44.

Up next great new pieces from Yushi:

Yushi One Button Jacket in Grey/OffWhite, $128.

The Yushi light and airy Grid Blouse in White/Black, (above), or Black/Taupe), (below), $118.

Take a trip to somewhere great with Baggallini:

Baggalini Helsinki Bag in Black Embossed Camo, $134.

Baggallini Hillcrest Hobo in Vine, $144.

Baggallini Highland Crossbody in Black, we also have it in Vine, $104.

Our posting has been short but sweet this week, but we’re expecting some fabulous fall things in the weeks to come.  In the meantime always remember to Enjoy Life and Keep It Simple!

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