Summer Solstice Selections at Simple Life 6/16/2017

by Simple Life on June 15, 2017

in Women's Fashion Boutique Seattle

Hello Summer Beauties! We hope you are looking forward to the longest day of the year! Here are some keen solstice selections for your perusing enjoyment. Let’s begin with some cool linens from KLEEN:

First off is the artistic 3/4 Flower Tee in Viola, also available in Laundered, (Off White), $104.  We are happy to carry a new line of intriguing jewelry from Sea Lily. Shown above is the 5-Layer Silver Strands With Gray Beads Necklace for $58.

Go clean and modern in the Kleen Short Sleeve Ruching Top in Oregano, $78. The Sea Lily Large Wire Hematite Bead Necklace is $68.

Let’s do a double take with the Ruching Top, this time in Inland, also available White, $78. The Asian Eye’s Arabella Scarf in Seagreen is $68.

The fantastically fun to wear Kleen Tucks Crop Pant in Black are $94.

Another “Crop” of stylish goodness: Kleen’s Crop Seam Pant in Cool are $94.

Great everyday: The Kleen Long Sleeve Tucks Tunic Tee in Laundered, or in Cool, $104. Asian Eye Ocean Blue Scarf, $64.

Now for a look at new Habitat:

The Habitat Waist Pleat Tunic in Stone Diamond, is loaded with cute features down to it’s roll tabs and interesting buttons, $114.

The Habitat Pleat Back Shirt in a bright Poppy, also with fabulous buttons, also available in Stone, $98.

Create some interest by “in”Habitating the Pocket Swing Jacket in Stone Mix Print, $108, with the Sea Lily Slate Piano Wire Choker featuring a Large Knot, $68.

Not a plain black tank: The Habitat Pieced Tank in Black, $84.  We have matched it with the Asian Eye Mulan Scarf in Dusk Blue, $26.

Above we again have the adorable Pieced Tank, this time in White Diamond, $98. On display is Sea Lily’s Short Slate Wire Necklace for $74.

Now for some individual, (“one of”), selections from Dairi. Each made of luscious Sousdi fabric, (an Egyptian cotton and Moroccan rayon), featuring lovely “One Size” drape: 

Dairi’s Combo Stripe Top in Deep Sea, ( right), and in Kiwi, (left), $124.  They are modeled with the Lolly Jo Lolli “Sometimes” Necklace in Brown, $94,  and the Silver Warrior Necklace, $64.

Be daring not dull: Dairi’s V-Neck Top in a riveting Cobalt, $104. The Silver Disc Choker is $48.

The flowey Dairi Long V-Neck Top in Deep Sea, $128.  The Asian Eye Roving Khaki Scarf is $44.

Above is the supple and very elegant Dairi Two Tone Magic Dress in White and Natural, $168. The Sequined Ombre Chain is $78.

Strike a Pose in the Magic Dress in a sexy, sumptuous Ruby Red, $168.  Silver Disk with Tassel Necklace is $48.

We hope you all have a bright and beautiful Summer Solstice! Until next time: Remember to Enjoy Life and Keep It Simple!

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