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by Simple Life on June 13, 2011

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While the weather in Seattle is as fickle as the Mariners’ records, next week marks the official start of summer on the calendar. This can mean challenges in the wardrobe department as you may find your clothes are more geared toward the colder winter months. Fear not, you can “summerize” your wardrobe without having to spend a fortune. Stock up on a few wardrobe staples and get creative with your bright colors and lighter fabrics.

First, get out those white and cream-colored items in your wardrobe. While the old rule about wearing white after Labor Day no longer applies, summer is still the perfect time for white. Of course, you’ll want to coordinate white-colored items with colored accessories to spice up your ensemble.

This stylish tunic from the Bryn Walker collection is perfectly paired with lightweight blue Bryn Walker casbah pants and a beautiful Asian Eye scarf.

Of course, summer is also all about bright colors. There’s nothing like a coral or pink top to compliment a summer tan.

This scoop neck top from Cut Loose is made from lightweight linen so you’ll stay cool in the heat. It’s shown here with a handcrafted petite scarf from Asian Eye, a perfect summer accessory.

Beige and nude-colored clothes were all over the runway this spring and are most flattering on medium and olive skin tones. Beige clothing is a great way to showcase bright jewelry or for those who don’t care for bolder colors.

This wheat-colored tunic from Citron Bleu is lightweight and looks great with a signature Asian Eye scarf.

The word “shorts” can strike fear into the heart of any woman. It’s nearly impossible to find just the right pair. Too short won’t do, but too long or too baggy isn’t flattering on anyone. The trick is to choose a simple pair of shorts with sleek lines, ideally cut slightly above the knee, which will make you appear tall and thin. A shipment of Pacificotton walk shorts will be arriving at Simple Life this month.

And when the time comes for that much-anticipated vacation, you’ll want to pack the swimsuit coverup for those sunny afternoons lounging by the pool sipping fruity drinks and reading your favorite book. If only summer could last all year…

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