Fridaze wrinkle-free linen returns

by Simple Life on May 29, 2011

in Women's Fashion Boutique Seattle

There’s a reason that Fridaze (pronounced “Fridays”) wrinkle-free linen is considered to be the highest quality linen on the market. Actually, there are several: aside from being lightweight, crisp, and resistant to wrinkles, each piece is hand cut by one of the brand’s master tailors. The exclusive finish keeps every item looking freshly-ironed all day long. The fabric is pre-washed and pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry about the shape or size changing when you wash it. Oh, did we mention everything is also machine washable?

Fridaze is the wrinkle-free linen division of the Rising Phoenix family, which manufactures quality silk garments to high end boutiques. They began selling Fridaze pieces in 2010 and the venture has been overwhelmingly successful. The message is clear: women love linen that won’t crease or wrinkle all day. The linen is especially popular with frequent travelers. Each piece can be taken right out of the suitcase, worn and thrown into the wash.

Simple Life received a shipment from Fridaze last week and the comfortable neutral-colored pieces are now available. Last time our collection sold out quickly, so stop by this week and treat yourself to some stylish convenience.

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